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    News — original ugg boots

    Original UGG Boots

    Original UGG Boots

    With so many companies out there that are claiming to have the finest UGG boots on the current market it can be confusing to distinguish what is original and what is not. You want to ensure that you are getting the best quality products and there are a few tips that we have for finding the best, and original, UGG boots so you know you are buying a comfortable, long-wearing boot for winter.

     Firstly, UGG boots as far as we are concerned are defined as original if they are made in Australia from genuine sheepskin. .

    Many companies in Australia bring boots or partially made boots that could be sourced from other countries, such as China. These boots are sold as “Australian sheepskin boots” or “Australian owned boots” to give you the sense that they are made here because you see the word “Australia”.  A lot of the time these boots are not even sheepskin, sometimes a sheepskin / pig skin blend.

    Always ask where the boots are made. Ask if the company is also Aussie owned. Ask for locations and contact numbers. 

    Genuine sheepskin is another thing you should be looking for. At Original UGG Boots we use twin face (or double face) sheepskin. This means that the skins we use are of the same skin, both sides the fleece and the outer came from the same piece.

     If you are looking for Original UGG Boots, genuine sheepskin UGG boots that are made in Australia, look no further. Jump online and visit and see our massive range of sizes, colours and styles.

    If you are unsure if the UGGs you are looking at are Australian made, ask the company where the boots are made. If the company is not forthcoming with this information, then chances are that they are made overseas (the vast majority of UGGs in Australia are)

    We are very different. We are proudly Aussie made and owned. Our factory is at 9 b Macbeth St Braeside VIC 3195. We also have a new clearance outlet located at 1/135 Lower Dandenong Road Mentone 3194.

    Are there any benefits to natural sheepskin?

    Are there any benefits to natural sheepskin?

    One of the questions we get asked is if there are any benefits to using natural sheepskin. 

    Sheepskin against the body assists in regulating your temperature and aids in proper blood circulation. Sheepskin also produces lanolin a natural substance that is known to soothe dry or dehydrated skin. Sheepskin is also naturally resistant to the growth of bacteria which is why it is used for many products such as rugs as well as footwear. 

    Another obvious reason why natural sheepskin is a far better choice is that it is luxuriously soft and so comfortable on your feet. Original UGG Boots manufacturers the finest quality sheepskin UGG boots, we are Australian made & owned. Our factory showroom is open to the public and can be found at 9 b Macbeth St Braeside Vic 3195. We can also be found online at